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High quality promotional materials are the unsung heroes of the brand awareness world!

Promotional giving is first and foremost about being sincere. Your customers, staff or referral partners deserve to receive the most appropriate promotional gift possible.

We understand this, and will find products that are best suited, and will assist you in achieving top results for all types of promotions. Our business is all about getting your name and story out there, seen & remembered.

Like all forms of branding, promotional products tell a story about your business and the success of promotional products can be seen in the numbers: 71% of business travellers surveyed at an international airport received a promotional product in the last 12 months, 33.7% of this group had the item on their person, 56% of people kept their promotional product for more than one year and 76.4% said they kept their promotional product because it was useful.

Promotional scenarios include but are not limited to; Promotion of a special event, raising your visibility, recognizing staff achievements, rewarding loyal customers, lead generation, gift with purchase and engaging trade show attendees. A well thought out strategy to promotional products can increase a company’s overall marketing success, simply browse through our extensive product categories, which provide links to all the latest & leading ranges.

You won’t be disappointed.




Easily the number one requested promotional product. You can’t go wrong adding your company name or message to the barrel of one of these great promotional pens . We will help you pick a pen that works well with your brand and represents you in the best light!



Our number 2 ranked promotional category is drinkware. 7 out of 10 people own some form of branded drinkware. Whether it is a drink bottle, coffee cup or thermos flask, one of these quality drinkware item is something that will be kept and used time and time again.


Key Rings

If you are selling or renting anything that has a key (cars, boats, apartments, etc), then you absolutely have to have a branded keyring attached to the key when you hand it over. If that is not your game, you can still get great value out of a promotional keyring that has multiple uses like a torch, bottle opener of multi-tool.



Wrist bands, temporary tattoos, candy badges and more! Here is a pile of great low-cost promo items that can be used for all kinds of events and promotions.



From post-it notes to lanyards, calculators to notebooks, compendiums to calculators, here are some great products here to reinforce your brand at your next business conference, or to give out to your clients.



Everyone has a phone, tablet, or laptop these days, and most of us multiple devices. This wide range of Technology based products offers something to fit every budget, and something that will be considered a useful gift when received.



Lip balms, sunscreen, sanitiser, nail files, toothbrushes and so much more – here is a great range of personal promotional products.



With the recent ban of single use plastic bags, Branded tote bags have become one of the most requested promotional products in New Zealand which had helped push the bag sector up to number 3 on our list of popular promotional products! Bags also have one of the highest number of impressions because they are most often used in public places. Check out the full range here.



Promotional products that are ‘useful’ are promotional products that get kept and used time and time again. We have a good range of options here from tape measures, to tyre pressure gauges, multi-tools, torches and more.



From picnic blankets and coasters, sweatbands and games to sunglasses and travel accessories, we have a wide range of promotional items for all your customers downtime activities.



Our promotional print range encompasses a wide range of paper and label-based print products. From button badges to fridge magnets, notepads and resin labels, desk planners and more.
We can also print a wide range of other paper products. For more information on this check our Print service page.

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